18 Jan 2013


It’s been snowing in Potten End continuously for 5 or 6 hours now. Just measured the depth and it’s around 5.5cm.
Snow, Potten End, 2pm, 18th Jan 2013

Snow continuing to fall as I type. May update later.

2 Jan 2013

2012 – The Wettest Year on Record?

While preparing an article for our local parish magazine reviewing the weather for 2012 and comparing it with other years, I’ve been digging through the database to get some interesting statistics.

Was 2012 the wettest year on (our) record ?

Yes! And by some margin!

We recorded a total of 821mm (32.3″) of rain in 2012. The previous high was 722mm (28.4″) in 2008 and it’s nearly double the lowest recorded amount of 430mm (16.9″) in 2006.

Though please bear in mind our records only go back to 2005 (which is a year for which we only have partial statistics and is therefore not included in the analysis).

These are the figures:
  • 2006: 430mm
  • 2007: 572mm
  • 2008: 722mm
  • 2009: 665mm
  • 2010: 500mm
  • 2011: 545mm
  • 2012: 821mm
There’ll be a slightly more detailed analysis and more comparisons in the full article which will appear in print towards the end of January and on line on 1st Feb.

And more snippets of information may appear here as I dig around a bit more.