12 Jun 2012

Record Rainfall for June …

… and it’s not over yet!
June Rain Total
2012 105mm
2011 81mm
2010 22mm
2009 57mm
2008 21mm
2007 11mm
From our records, the monthly average rainfall for June is 38.4mm. As I write this it’s the evening of the 12th of June and in these 12 days we’ve had 105mm of rain so far! That’s over 270% of the average.

Forecasts for the foreseeable future (around 5 days) show more rain is on the way. Longer range forecasts, though far less accurate, predict a continuing grim remainder of June with temperatures below average and still more rain.

End to the Hosepipe Ban?

So is there an end to the hosepipe ban in sight? Not according to our local water company (Veolia Central). Veolia Central take most of their water from unerground water sources and they say that “Following two years of very dry weather before April, our groundwater levels remain very low.”
Veolia Central add: “Unfortunately at present, we cannot relax the temporary use ban further, as we need to conserve our supplies to prepare for the possibility of a third dry autumn and winter.”

They go on to explain that most rainfall from April to September is absorbed by trees and other plants or is lost to evaporation, and that in order to move us out of a drought situation, we need “prolonged and substantial rainfall between October and March“.

So, unless Veolia Central’s measurements show that a lot of the rainfall in recent weeks has not been absorbed or evaporated, and that it has made it down to the underground reservoirs, then it looks like the hospipe ban will remain in place.

It’s not like the garden is suffering too much at the moment!

Increasing Trend

There also appears to be a general trend of increasing rain in June over the last few years. Sadly this corresponds to some theories about what will happen to the UK climate as global warming increases, but this is such a small statistical sample that no credible link can really be made.
June Rainfall from 2007 to 12th June 2012